Mazin Samona is a longtime Roseville, Michigan, entrepreneur who guides Wild Bill's Tobacco as CEO and founder. He established the business in 1994 as Smokers Outlet, one of the state’s pioneering tobacconist retailers, and grew it to its current footprint of 100 shops spanning Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Mazin Samona’s shops feature premium cigars and Spanish cedar paneling for walk-in humidors. They also have advanced humidification systems designed to keep product in its best condition.

Mr. Samona has also equipped numerous Wild Bill's Tobacco locations with cigar lounges that encourage customers to enjoy the cigar experience. His latest venture involved launching one of Michigan’s first ever retail stores for electronic cigarettes, Mr. Vapor.

Mr. Samona closed numerous retail locations during the recent stay-home order, but has brought renewed focus to impactful giving strategies. These included thousands of masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer bottles contributed to Ascension Health and the Henry Ford Health System. Mazin Samona is active with the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, as well as the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce, which represents businesses rooted in the Eastern Rite Catholic community.